In the olden days, life wasn’t as fast paced as today. People had time to eat healthy, relax and rejuvenate, work for limited hours, do some physical activity, perform some outdoor activities and still stay strong, hale and healthy.

With today’s life becoming fast paced, there is no time for any of the above. Lifestyle is affected. People are looking for quick solutions in everything, food they eat, time they spend for themselves and family, and activities.

Health is at stake, too many risks at young age. There are new diseases, syndromes and life threats that seem to be coming up every day. But, no one wants to live a life that’s ridden with disease and ill health. And it isn’t like the world we live in is aiding us in our quest to live a healthy life.

That being said, technology is really helping human beings lead the good life, and the more advances there are, the better the quality of life. A person with a good quality of life is a happy person.

In the last decade, there have been many innovations and man’s life is already half covered. It is only a matter of time before we live in a world where every possible combination of ailments can be tackled thanks to technology. The year 2017 is already looking promising with the many technological innovations lined up!

Pens that seal your wounds instantly

Imagine you down from a bike and a wound that is bleeding heavily and the hospital is far off! Does it bring jitters down your spine? Well, not anymore! there is this new innovation, Laser pens, that are said to seal your wound with the laser rays, helping you to cope until you reach hospital in case of major cuts.

For small cuts happening at homes, bruises and others you won’t require to sit in the queue of clinic and take too many injections. This one pen will do the trick and keep you safe. The innovation behind this was launched a few years ago, but 2017 is the year of the laser pen.

Ring Sized Fitness Trackers

Don’t we see too many fit bits in the market already? Yes! But seems they are too big to carry on everywhere and they are sometimes awkward to match your profile at work. That’s what has made people think out of the box, to come out with a solution for this fit bit. Now, it’s going to be Fit Rings.

  • Rings to monitor health and track your activities

Tiny rings have been designed to track your heart rate, step counter and also sleep hours calculator. They are just like your fit traps, but with a tiny form, just to make you feel free and carry on your life with style and comfort. This ring can be worn even during swimming and those calories burned will be counted too. What more? Its stylish and super!

With life becoming super-fast, changing habits are leading to too many sleep disorders. We see huge rush in sleeping pills being sold off pharmacies. But, taking too many pills aren’t good either. Along with sleep disorders, there is another problem during sleep-Apnoea. This is a problem that occurs during sleeping, causing loss of breath.

Watch to watch Apnoea!

To beat sleep apnoea, and to make spouses the world over happy, there is a new watch designed to track the patterns of the person and normalise sleep. It first keeps track of the person’s habits and other routine things. Then it tries to normalise their sleep with the acquired data. So, don’t be afraid to sleep anymore.

These are few of the medical technological prods for this year, 2017. Hope it was useful.