cart-techTechnology is moving at a fast pace and the car industry is not far behind. While we have to wait for a driverless car or even a flying car to be in the market (both of which were showcased in CES 2016), we still have some great car technologies which are expected to hit the road in 2016.

The 3 technologies which people are mostly looking forward to are:

Integration of Smart Phone and Car:

Apple and Google are now ready to unveil their car IOS which will help connect your smart phone and various apps that you have on it to your car’s systems. You can use Google and Apple Maps in a way you have never done before including tracking your engine performance during the drive, traffic information to your car system and even street views just in case you cannot understand which is the building that you are looking for.

Not just maps, many app developers are looking to develop many more apps for this including music with Google Play and ITunes, Voice enabled chat apps, Radio Stations, Whatsapp and other such messaging services etc. Google is ahead of Apple at present; however, we are expecting great things from Apple too. Now even Microsoft and Nvidia have joined the game.

Car Companies which have announced their readiness for such a system include BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Ford, Volkswagen and Nissan. Most of them are announcing this technology for their new cars and some of them have announced kits for retrofitting some of the older cars.

Semi Driverless Cars

Some of the features that we are looking forward to in a driverless car are expected to hit the road in 2016. These are self-parking and communications between cars.

Self-Parking is a blessing for most of us who are not too sure about parallel parking and for those living in large cities. There are some cars which will help you park thanks to sensors and cameras, but expect to see a car which does the parking by itself needing only throttle control from the driver in 2016. BMW and Mercedes are two companies which have showcased this using smart phone controls.

Also expect to see cars communicating with each other to help avoid accidents. They will also send warning of potential hazards ahead to a central server which will then communicate it to all the cars in the vicinity.

Advanced Infotainment Systems

BMW showcased its AirTouch 3D gesture control system at CES 2016. This system uses an infrared camera to read your hand gestures to select various options on your car’s dash. This means saying goodbye dials and switches and saying hello to a wave.

Also thanks to increased communication capabilities, your car’s infotainment system can be connected to your home alarm for emergency monitoring, heating and cooling systems so that you walk into a comfortable home, your cable set-top box to record your favourite shows and may be even your refrigerator for a grocery list to buy on your way home.

There is this and much, much more to look forward to in 2016.