Will Internet Of Things(IOT) Change The Way We Live?

Internet of Things – “The next big buzz”

Internet of things (IoT) refers to an environment where a group of objects and devices containing embedded electronics and software and are interconnected over network. The interlinked smart objects can process and exchange data. This new technology accelerates a faster and better tomorrow. The IoT technology when augmented with advanced sensors and circuits helps in achieving connectivity between physical world and computer based systems.

What does IoT connect?

Things” connected by Internet of Things can refer to a plethora of objects and systems in today’s technical world. They can be sensors, heart implant devices, Automobiles, Smartphone, DNA analysis devices, television, machineries etc. Till date, IoT is found to be implemented for only machine to machine connectivity. This list continues to expand as the IoT experts continue to develop advanced technologies. Experts are of the opinion that IoT will encompass around 50 billion objects in its network by 2020.

Types and categories

Based on enabling technologies, IoT can be classified as

  • RFID and near field communication

  • Optical tags and quick response codes

  • Low energy Bluetooth

Based on mode of implementation, IoT is further classified into

  • Wearable

  • Media

  • Home automation

  • Industrial automation

  • Smart appliances

Incredible abilities of IoT

Internet of Things is definitely set to change the world we live in and there is no looking back on that. There are many practical world examples to demonstrate the manifold uses of IoT. Few are listed below:

1. Smart cars with traffic optimization, driving directions and the ability to communicate with other smart cars.

2. Wearable devices that can track your daily activities, level of fitness, synchronize with your calendar and remind meeting schedules.

3. Baby monitors that provide parents with real time information about baby activities, body temperature and activities directly to Smartphone.

4. Ingestible pills relay information about human digestive systems and impact of medicines on the patient to a system stationed outside.

5. Intelligent shopping systems track user’s preferences and provide suggestions along with price details and location.

6. Various energy management and transportation systems are also embracing IoT for smarter execution.

7. IoT helps in monitoring and planning of city’s infrastructure. It monitors the change in structural conditions and also provides statistics on the infrastructure usage.

8. Smart industrial systems are increasingly being integrated with energy monitoring mechanism to provide and efficient and energy optimized production.

What does the future look like?

Experts and industrial giants are of the opinion that the future looks brighter day by day. Currently there are few controversies over the chances of security breach and autonomy if IoT is implemented. It could also result in manifold increase of waste disposal. However one cannot deny the fact that IoT is the giant among all technical advancements taking place. It has already started impacting the way we live. With more devices joining in, IoT promises to solve many problems. Future holds a lot of opportunities and challenges for humankind to explore and innovate.

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  1. Personally I think IOT is defenitely the future. But at the same time, I think it is a bit scary thought when all our appliances are connected to the cloud and something goes wrong. To get the most of the new ways many challenges have to be faced and hopefully we make the best of it.

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