Is Dual Camera Lens Tech Really A Game Changer?

phone cameraThe smartphone era has brought drastic improvement in the quality of photos being taken. With high pixel cameras, added with zooming feature, these photos were considered the best. 

But, of late, the advent of dual camera technology had proven that photos taken using smartphones can be better in terms of quality and precision.  The technology uses a combined output of two camera lenses to give a more precise, clear and crisp image.

The Game-Changing Technology

Corephotonics, a two year Israeli company had brought this concept a couple of years ago, which could revolutionize the concept of the future smartphone photography. The technology became hot topic in the mobile sector.

At present, the dual camera system possibly works only on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 platform. This platform has signal processors for two images from both cameras and processes them simultaneously to give a final result.

The results are gained from two lenses with individual sensors- a side-angled lens and a telephoto lens. The data from both the lenses are processed by onboard software to give the final image. The processing will include comparison of images from both lenses and detecting the pixels that are off and use a comparatively clearer pixel for the picture.

Differential weightage is given to one or the other lenses based on the choice of zoom by the user. A 3x zoom is made possible for stills and 5x zoom for 1080p HD videos.

The dual camera is designed to provide quality shots even in low light areas with four times the resolution of what can be achieved with ordinary smartphones. The resultant image from both cameras will be significantly sharper while it is zoomed in. There is also less signal disruption compared to the digital zooms used at present. 

With the Corephotonics technology, phones are going to remain slim, but will deliver better image results. The only aspect that reportedly requires attention is the processing power of the phone. In order for the system to work perfectly, phones are supposed to have decent processing power, but it doesn’t have to be too excessive. 

The system enables keeping noise to minimum with its telephoto lens removed, hence taking black and white pictures. With more light coming in, the fidelity of the image is increased. The wide angle component still restores the color as it is, taking in all real aspects into the picture.

The dual technology captures HDR images in one shot, unlike others that takes three different shots. The usual motion blur from HRD shots is eliminated by this feature. All the processing is done in real time, avoiding discernible lags. With two cameras, focusing is also improved.

Corephotonics has developed and made this technology available for mobile users. The 13 megapixel sensor is directly available from Sony. The phones with dual camera lens will come with a slight premium for the extra lens. But there is still debate about whether or not the dual lens camera phones can compete with phones that use high pixel single lens camera.

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